The finished cake

Honey and Ginger Cake with Honey Lemon Drizzle

This is a recipe which I’ve developed each time I’ve baked it. The Cake is sweet from Honey and Brown Sugar with throat warming Stem Ginger. The recipe doesn’t follow the normal Cake method of creaming together Butter and Sugar and then adding Eggs and Flour. Instead you melt the Butter, Sugar and Honey in a pan and then mix in the Eggs and Flour, meaning that you don’t have to wait for the Butter to soften.

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Meat Liquor-Brighton

Dead Hippies, Dirty Burgers and Whiskey Coke Floats. Meat Liquor has it all. Opened in late September of last year, Meat Liquor Brighton is the younger brother of Meat Market, Meat Liquor, Meat Wagon and Meat Mission, all of which are located in London. I’ve been to Meat Market but this was to be my first visit to meat Liquor, I was looking forward to seeing if it lived up to my expectations. It did.
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Bagna Cauda

Bagna Cauda

The Stinking Rose is a Restaurant in California, they have a branch in San Fran and one in Beverly Hills. They are famed for their use of Garlic in EVERY dish on the menu. In Easter 2010 we visited the San Fran branch and sampled one of their most famous dishes, Bagna Cauda, Garlic cloves confit in Olive Oil, Butter and Anchovies.This is AWESOME spread on Sourdough.
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Shortcrust Pastry

Makes 170g

125g Plain Flour
55g Unsalted Butter, cubed
40ml Cold Water
Pinch Salt

1. Put the Flour, Butter and Salt in a bowl and rub together until the mix resembles the texture of Breadcrumbs.

2. Slowly add the Water and gently mix together. Press the mix into a ball, wrap in clingfilm and put in the fridge for at least 20 minutes or until needed.

Alternatively. Put the Flour, Butter and Salt into the bowl of a mixer and using the ‘K Paddle’ mix until breadcrumb texture is achieved. Add the water and continue to mix until the mix clumps together. Remove any Pastry from the Paddle and form the Pastry into a ball, clingfilm and put in the fridge


‘Soup and Sandwich’

This a dish that I kind of made up as I went along. It comprises of a Herb Infused Tomato Juice and Bruschetta. The Juice is Clarified by heating it up and straining it, the heating causes the solids to rise and separate from the juice. Once strained the Solids and Liquids are separated and you are left with a clear Juice. I then served the Juice tableside by heating and infusing it through a Vacuum Siphon.
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The finished dish

Mango, Chilli, Lemon and Coconut

About a month ago I bought my self a Molecular Ingredients Kit, this contained: Agar, Xantham Gum, Calcium Lactate and Sodium Alginate.
Agar: Used to create Jellies and Gels that set at a relatively high temperature and have a high melting point.
Xantham Gum: Used to thicken Liquids and Purees.
Calcium Lactate: Mixed with a liquid or puree which is then dropped into an Alginate bath to spherify the Liquid.
Sodium Alginate: Blended with water to create a bath into which a Liquid blended with Calcium Lactate is dropped into to perform Spherification.
This dish consists of a number of components: Mango Spherification, Lemon Fluid Gel, Toasted Coconut, Mango Puree and Chilli Mango.
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Georgia Browns

This Summer my Grandparents took me and my Sister on a 10 day holiday in the East Coast America. We flew into Washington, drove up to Princeton before driving down to Cape May and then flying out of Newark. Whilst in Washington they took us to Georgia Browns, a Southern Style restaurant with an elegant edge.

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An active Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter

A Sourdough Starter is a fermented mixture of Flour and Water, used by Bakers in place of Yeast when making Sourdough. The mixture is left to ferment and is fed daily. It attracts yeasts in the air which helps it ferment and once added to bread dough will allow it to rise without the use of dried or fresh yeasts.

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Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

Serves 4

3 Sweet Potatoes, peeled and roughly chopped
3 Medium Potatoes, peeled and roughly chopped
4 Carrots, roughly chopped
2 Onions, diced
10g Ground Coriander
5g Smoked Paprika
5g Ground Cinnamon
1 Cinnamon Stick
500ml Vegetable Stock
Sunflower oil


1. Heat the Sunflower Oil in a heavy based pan and add the Onions, Salt and Cinnamon Stick. Put a lid on the pan and let the onions soften for 15 minutes.

2. Add the Sweet Potatoes and Potatoes and cook with a lid on for 10 minutes.

3. Add the Carrots, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Coriander, Paprika and the Stock and boil for a further 10 minutes.

4. Transfer to a blender and blend until smooth. Serve with a dollop of Yogurt and Black Pepper

After Dinner Drinks

At the end of May I’m doing a dinner party for my Grandparents and some of their friends. I am thinking up of ideas for a series of After Dinner Drinks themed Petit Fours: Earl Grey Meringues, Coffee Macaroons and Liquid Centred Whiskey Sweets.

I will also post entries with the other courses.


The Camellia

The Camellia Restaurant is located at the South Lodge Hotel, just outside of Horsham. The hotel has 2 Restaurants, the Camellia and the Pass. The Head chef is Steven Edwards who recently won Masterchef the Professionals. We went for Sunday Lunch as our late Christmas present from my grandparents.

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Rotary Young Chef- Round 3

On February 11th, I competed in round 3 of the Rotary Young Chef Competition at Forest School in Horsham. The requirements were the same as the ones for the last round. To cook a healthy 2 course meal for 2 people on a £15 Budget. I changed my menu for this round to:

Tea and Whiskey Cured Salmon, Lemon Fennel, Radish, Pea Shoots
Venison Ravioli, Mushroom Consommé, Parmesan Crisp
Chocolate Orange Fondant, Stewed Oranges, Creme Fraiche
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Wall art

Thali Cafe- Southville

Thali Cafe is a chain of 5 Indian restaurants in Bristol. They have recently opened a new restaurant in the Tobacco Factory in Southville, Bristol. This was the second time we had visited a Thali Cafe the first time being about a year and half ago at one of there other restaurants. As well as the 5 Bristol restaurants they also cater at festivals and we have visited there stall a few times at the Greenman Festival and Sunrise Celebration.

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Table setting

Rotary Young Chef- Round 2

On February 11th I competed in the 2nd round of the Rotary Young Chef Competition in Witley(near Guildford.) This was the District Semi-Final. The requirements for this round were to: Cook a 3 course healthy meal for 2 people for £15 or under. My menu was:

Pea, Bacon and Mint Soup
Mi Cuit Salmon,Puy Lentils, Pickled Beets and Apple Puree
Chocolate and Orange Fondant, Creme Fraiche, Stewed Oranges and a Spiced Orange shot
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The Main Course

Mi Cuit Salmon, Beetroot and Puy Lentils

Mi Cuit means ‘Half Cooked’. The Salmon is brined in a Dill Salt Solution before cooking sous vide at a very low temperature for a short period of time. This uses an improvised sous vide method for which you only need: A heavy based casserole dish, temperature probe and zip lock bags. This is the dish I am using as the main course in the 2nd round of the Rotary Young Chef Competition (1st round summary here )

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The starter

Rotary Young Chef Competition- Round 1

On Monday 11th November. I participated in the first round of the RIBI Young Chef Competition held at a local school. I was put forward by my Grandparents Neighbour who is a member of the local Rotary club.

I arrived at the school and unpacked my equipment and found the remaining things I needed. We had an hour and a half to cook and serve 2 dishes. The brief was 2 healthy dishes, for 2 people oon a £10 budget. My menu was:

Spiced Pea and Potato Samosas with Coconut Chutney

Masalla Mackerel on a bed of Dhal and a Kachumber Salad

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Cinnamon Tuille Basket with White Chocolate Ice Cream

Tuilles are very thin french biscuits. They are named after the french word ‘tuille’ which means ’tile’ as they are meant to resemble french roof tiles. They are extremely hard to shape as they dry out and go crispy very quickly after you take them out of the oven. These are made into baskets which are filled with White Chocolate Ice Cream and garnished with two fruit coulis. This recipe doesn’t need an Ice Cream maker.

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The Chilli Pickle

Madras’s, Vindaloos and Korma’s just some of the English curry house staples that you won’t find on the menu at this Indian restaurant in Brighton. Chilli Pickle serves food inspired by the Indian Street Food culture and regional dishes. This was my fourth time visiting The Chilli Pickle and the second time coming for my Birthday meal. We were seated at our tables and where given a menu. I decided to eat from the set menu along with my Dad, Mum, Granny and Grandpa. As well as a detailed food menu they have an extensive drinks menu for both Beer and Soft Drinks.

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The finished consommé. Mine was a bit cloudy as part of the raft broke.

Tomato and Fennel Consommé

The word Consommé brings to mind images of crystal clear broths bursting with flavour whilst still being light and refreshing. Consommés are made by clarifying a broth or stock using one of two methods. The first and the more traditional clarification method is clarification by egg white. This method uses egg whites and vegetables to draw out impurities such as fat or sediment from the broth which in turn forms a clear liquid free of fat. The second and newer method is called gelatin filtration. This has the same results as using egg white however it uses gelatin and takes longer. To clarify a consommé using this method you use gelatin to set the stock or broth and then freeze it and then let it thaw in the fridge. The gelatin creates a mesh that traps the impurities whilst its thawing. This method can be used to clarify liquids that wouldn’t react well to being heated. I served the consommé in my Jing Tea cups, which i think was a nice way of presenting it.

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Wide range of olive oil's in the shop.

Eataly Incontra

We were going on a day trip to Turin as we were staying in Chamonix in the French Alps, so I did some research on food markets and shops and found out about the famous Porta Palazzo market as well as Eataly via TripAdvisor. I wanted to go to the large one in Turin but it would have been to far of a trek so we went to the one nearest us: Eataly Incontra. Eataly is an italian market come restaurant in which the restaurant seating is in among shelfs all stacked to the brim with Italian foods and ingredients ranging from: Balsamic Vinegar to Chocolate and Wine to Pasta. The idea of eating with the ingredients is great you can see what ingredients are used in what dish.

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Open Lasagne of Mushrooms and Butternut Squash

This is my interpretation of another recipe from the Masterchef Kitchen Bible. I edited the recipe and it turned out really well. This is the 2nd time I have tried this recipe and this time was by far the best. I managed to get the pasta wafer thin and the Squash perfectly spiced. Like the White Chocolate and Filo Stack the recipe was clearly laid out and easy to followed and accompanied by a great photo of what the finished product should look like. The recipe consisted of 3 parts: Sheets of Saffron enriched Pasta, Creamy Mushrooms and Roasted Squash. I aded my own twist by adding Nutmeg and Cinnamon to the Squash. I also aded a splash of Balsamic Vinegar to the mushrooms.

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My burger

East Beach Cafe

You can’t eat much closer to the beach without eating on the beach than can at the East Beach Cafe in Littlehampton. The quirky shell like building is right at the top of the beach with only a footpath separating it from the pebbles and shingle of the beach.

The menu focuses’s very much on fish most of which is very locally sourced, in fact lots of the ingredients are locally sourced including the Cider thats served with the Mussels, the meat for the burgers and of course the freshly caught local fish. The recipe included dishes like:

Mussels with local Cider, Cream and Parsley
Scallops, Mint and Pea Puree, Sweet Orange, Lemon Oil
Crab Linguine with Garlic and Chilli
Fish and Chips
Pan fried Sea Bream on a bed of Artichokes, Beetroot and Spinach

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Sous Vide Salmon

Sous vide is a technique that uses an immersion heater to heat and sustain water to a very accurate temperature for a sustained period of time. Sous vide means ‘Under Vacuum’ in french. This is because the food is sealed in airtight vacuum bags; this means that food can be cooked and kept until needed and it is a great way for marinating as the flavours have nowhere to go. This technique is used in professional kitchens as they could cook a piece of meat, for example steak, and store it until needed then all that is needed would be to sear it of before service.

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White Chocolate and Filo stack with Raspberry Jelly

The balance of flavours in this dish made it an amazing dessert. The white chocolate mousse was sweet but not over sweet and wasn’t claggy like white chocolate can sometimes be. The sweetness of the mousse was complimented by the slight bitterness if the raspberry jelly. As well as a contrast in flavours there was a nice contrast in textures; the filo pastry crispy and thin and the jelly and mousse soft and smooth. The recipe is from: Masterchef Kitchen Bible, a book that I received as a birthday present a few years ago. The book contains a good mix of recipes as well as an in depth ingredient index complete with flavour pairings and when the ingredient is in season.

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